Steak & Yakiniku · Original Food · Dessert Special 2 hour all-you-can-eat all 50 kinds 【3100 yen】

Steak & Yakiniku · Original Food · Dessert Special 2 hour all-you-can-eat all 50 kinds 【3100 yen】

3100 yen

Female 3100 yen / male 3,600 yen / charge with one drink system or + 800 yen with unlimited drinks

※ Men + 500 yen Various menu including steaks and sweets ♪ All you can eat ♪ In addition, with + 800 yen with drinks all you can! It is not gonna be anymore !! (reservation required / on the day OK)


■ Appetizer / salad / steak ※ The first course menu above will appear.

After eating here ... All the menu below is all you can eat !!


Beef rib roast steak (old: young beef steak) / mount rock steak / beat steak / lamb steak / ☆ wild boar steak / ☆ Ezo deer steak / Italian pork bellow steak / Yonezawa pig steak / Basil Chicken Steak / Fire Bird Steak / Hamburg Steak / Lemon Pepper Chicken


Japanese style salad / Turkish Mediterranean salad / Gomadore Tofu salad / Chicken & avocado salad / Bari Bali cabbage / Oni grated / Vinegar cabbage & pickles

【Creative cuisine】

Roast Beef / Tangalu (Mulberry or Mango Chili) / Crisp And Authentic Spring Roll / BFFT / Cream Cheese Fondue / Spicy Potato Fly / Crab Cream Croquette / Toro and Curry Croquette / Buffalo Chicken Stick / Pizza Margherita / Seafood Carpaccio / Greek Winds Musaka / France Country style putty / Italian taught how to eat cold / big oyster sauce Tailoring / Puripuri Ebikatsu / Seafood and mushrooms Ahijo / Nagoya style Deep fried chicken wings


Rice / cheese Hayashi rice / garlic rice / the most delicious beef streak curry in Ikebukuro / cold carbonara made with the best egg / raw soda of snow crab source / beef tsukeme noodles / TKG / yakanai noodles made with the best egg / Hakata meat udon / Authentic Hakata Ramen / Meccha! Absolutely delicious cattle

【Dessert】 Classic · Gateau · O · Chocolat / Seasonal Chiffon Cake

Baked cheesecake / mango pudding / pumpkin pudding / vanilla ice

Chocolate Fountain / Best soft cream (one each, limited to 12 per day)

※ Wild boar loin steak / Ezo deer steak will be offered only one dish per dish.

※ If you use the course for over 4 people with reservation by the day before, if you apply, we will put you a birthday cake at +1000 yen!

There may be some changes in course contents depending on the season ※.

※ We will respond to your request as much as possible so please feel free to contact us.

* Changes in the number of reserved guests are until 13:00 on that day, and changes for 3 or more people are up to 3 days in advance.The sales for which the number of people has decreased without notice of change will be charged for the number of reserved guests

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  • Steak · Original cuisine · All you can eat dessert 3100 yen

    • Presentation conditions
      Required at time of reservation & seating Required upon reservation seated
    • Conditions of use

      2 people ~ / Please order one drink or all you can drink (+ 800 yen)./ Original dish, dessert as well as all you can eat * Tax excluding tax and other services can not be combined

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of December 2017