All you can eat yakiniku, original dishes, dessert etc 【2800 yen】

All you can eat yakiniku, original dishes, dessert etc 【2800 yen】

By using a coupon2800 yen

Male plus 500 yen / all you can drink + 600 yen

※ male +500 yen.All-you-can-eat menu with plenty of flavors such as yakiniku and sweets ♪ In addition, with + 600 yen ~ with all you can drink! This is not got to go !! (reservation required / on the day OK)


■ Appetizer / Salad / BBQ Assortment * The first course menu above will appear.

After eating here ... All the menu below is all you can eat !!

Course content (45 items in total)

【Grilled meat】 Calvin, Salt Calbi, Cheese Calbi

【Hormone series】 Beef heart (Hatsu) salt, pig Casilla salt, beef hormone sauce, chicken sand liver salt, chicken white lever lean, hakinosu sauce

【Salad and others】 Japanese style fresh salad, chicken & avocado salad, grated ogre, burly bali cabbage, vinegar cabbage, leek & cabbage jar sauce, wrapped around wrapped vegetables

【Original Food 1】 BFFT (taste of traditional 300 B), cream cheese fondue, rice (Tarutaru or Mango Chili)

【Original Food 2】 Garlic Anchovy Potatoes, Spicy Potato Fries, Greek Winds Moussaka

【Original cuisine 3】 Taro potato rice cake, raw miso sauce Fu Onn Du, sesame sauce flavor of Hachinosu and Kujo green onion

【Rice】 Rice, rice dumplings, beef streak curry, cheese hayashi rice, made with the best egg TKG

【Rice 2】 Garlic rice, yakana noodles, authentic Hakata ramen, raw pasta of migratory crab sauce, serve flavor Shimizu Rice

【Dessert】 Classic Gateau chocolat, Chiffon cake, Baked cheesecake, Vanilla ice

※ Anniversary, birthday cake plus 1,000 yen (tax not included) will be accepted (reservation required) / charge with one drink system or all you can drink from 800 yen

There may be some changes in course contents depending on the season ※.

※ We will respond to your request as much as possible so please feel free to contact us.

* Changes in the number of reserved guests are until 13:00 on that day, and changes for 3 or more people are up to 3 days in advance.A sale for which the number of people has decreased without notice of change is charged for the number of reserved guests

Coupon that can be used

  • ★ COSPA ◎ 45 all-you-can-eat course ★ Yakiniku · Original dish · Dessert etc. All you can eat 【2800 yen】

    • Presentation conditions
      When entering store / reservation required system / 120 minutes system / (LO 90 minutes)
    • Conditions of use

      2 people / / female 2800 yen · male plus 500 yen Please do not use other ticket combination / one drink or all you can drink (+ 600 yen)./ Tax discount / All you can eat dessert ♪

    • Expiration date
      Until the end of February 2018